Bandcamp of the Day: Vacuous Depths

Vacuous Depths are a death metal band from Tampa, Florida. 

The band are getting ready to release their debut album Corporal Humiliation on November 4 through a joint effort of Blood Harvest Records, Chaos Records, and Goat Throne Records. They’ve unveiled the first single off the new album, called “Exteriorization,” and it’s a doozy of a death metal track.

Vocalist Austin Thomas really finds the darkest, gravelliest, growling tone to his voice to accompany the churning, grinding guitars and pulse-pounding drums. It’s a classic death metal song for true fans of the genre. 

The track can be found at all three of the labels’ Bandcamp pages, listed above. You can preorder the CD version on the Chaos Records website, and you can preorder the cassette version at either Blood Harvest or Goat Throne’s websites. You can follow Blood Harvest Records on Facebook and Twitter for further updates. 

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