Today’s Bandcamp comes from Hellenic black metal group Varathron. The band recently revealed their latest music video for “Son Of The Moon,” taken from their upcoming, 30th anniversary live album, Glorification Under The Latin Moon. The album is set to be released on September 25 via Agonia Records

Recorded in its entirety on August 4, 2019 in São Paulo, Brazil during the final show of Varathron’s “30 Years Of Darkness Tour,” the historic set list boasts some of the band’s finest compositions. The group performs selections from 1988 and beyond, most notably including the entirety of classic His Majesty At The Swamp from 1993, to most recent songs, taken from the acclaimed Patriarchs Of Evil album, which made plenty of year-end lists in 2018.

Glorification Under The Latin Moon Track List

01. Cultum Deus Aeternum (Ιntro)
02. Ouroboros Dweller
03. Cassiopeia’s Ode
04. Tenebrous
05. Saturnian Sect
06. His Majesty a the Swamp
07. Son of the Moon
08. Unholy Funeral
09. Nightly Kingdoms
10. Lustful Father
11. Flowers of My Youth
12. The River of my Souls
13. The Tressrising Of Nyarlathotep
14. Genesis of Apocryphal Desire
15. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (Outro)

Pre-order Glorification Under The Latin Moon here.

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