Bandcamp of the Day: Vazum

Vazum are a deathgaze duo from Detroit, Michigan.

The band recently released a new album called V-, which they describe as being a greatest hits album where all the songs were re-recorded with the vitality of a live performance. Still, the album was recorded in a studio. It’s now available on their Bandcamp page where you can also order it on CD. The record starts off with “Angel V-“ which establishes the band’s sounds with slick synthesizers and a driving backbeat. It makes for something dark but deeply fun.

Then on “Theif V-“ the femme vocals really give the song a beauty that is immediately contrasted by the dark tone of the song. “Loved 2 Death V-” is positively epic at over seven minutes long and moves between senses of anxiety and joy. “Gallows V-“ has the atmospheric power of The Cure at their height. It leaves you haunted by the end of the tune. “Unspoken V-“ is another standout adding just a touch of punk to their post-punk-inspired sound. Finally “The Familiar V-“ works around a riff reminiscent of The Cranberries while serving up the general vibe of Adore-era Smashing Pumpkins. If you like music that’s dark but finely polished, this is a great album to check out.

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