Deathcore that takes the lived experience of women in society seriously are few and far between. It’s not that the genre is in some way fundamentally opposed to considering these matters, it’s just that in a male-dominated scene they’re woefully under-examined. And then there is the fact that deathcore emerged during a regrettable period of punk rock (early to mid-00s) when particularly egregious expressions of misogyny were not only accepted, but highly lucrative. It’s one of the many reasons the UK’s Venom Prison is so interesting. As a deathcore band with a woman for a lead singer, their very existence is like a rebuke to the genre’s regrettable past. Their lyrical content directly confronts issues of sexual and emotional abuse and takes up matters of motherhood in all its misery and pride, presenting these issues in evocative and thoughtful ways. And on top of that, Venom Prison is straight-up, fucking BRUTAL!

Venom Prison has been gaining steam for many years now, having released their debut LP Animus in 2016 and their follow up Samsara last year. Both of which met with high critical acclaim for their dynamic guitar work and lead singer Larissa Stupar’s incredible range of growls, shrieks, and lunging snarls. Now the band is back with a compilation of sorts. Primeval is the culmination of recordings sessions where the band returned to and reworked their earlier EPs, Defy the Tyrant and The Primal Chaos. The band felt that their earlier releases were lesser known and could use a signal boost, and so releasing re-recorded versions seemed like the right way of getting these songs back into people’s heads. And if a revival of their first two EPs isn’t of interest on its own, the Venom Prison have written two brand new songs for the collection as well. Revisit the savagery, or experience it for the first time below.

Stream the entirety of Venom Prison’s Primeval via Bandcamp:

Get a copy of Primeval here.


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