Bandcamp of the Day: Warred

Hard-rock band, Warred, São Paulo, Brazil

The band has recently released their single, “Siren.” 

The track engulfs listeners in a world of tough music that blends a world of melodies together showcasing the band’s capability in delivering a cohesive sound.

Warred has also released “Corners Of The World” a track that presents a familiarity while being laced with a large sound highlighting furious hooks and bold sounds.

Each track hints at the band’s exploration into diversity with their sound. Warred has no hesitation when discovering other avenues of sounds while creating new songs.

In addition the band has released a music video for their song “Cold Avenue,” 

“I lived for a long time in Fargo, in the United States. A beautiful city and well known for its severe cold. I’ve had a love story there, and from those icy avenues I got the inspiration for this song, that means a lot to me.” says lead vocalist, Pedro Mion about the new song.

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