Bandcamp of the Day: Whin

Happy Bandcamp Friday, everyone! For those who don’t know, Bandcamp Fridays are the first Friday of every month, when Bandcamp waives their revenue share so that more of the money you spend goes directly to the artist. Today, we’re celebrating with Whin, who are pretty hard to describe, but they’re basically an experimental folk group from Glasgow, U.K. 

They’re releasing their new album August/A Dream today to take advantage of the Bandcamp Friday. It features a lot of sparse instrumentation just trying to come up with really exquisitely delicate sounds. One could even argue that it’s less a form of music than a collection of sounds, but whatever you want to call it, it’s beautiful. 

“Eno/entrance” starts off the album with the gorgeous sound of a guitar playing just a few notes very lightly while using a lot of silence very effectively. “Trials/trails” gets a little more discordant with its collection of bird sounds clashing with seemingly random sounds from instruments. “Tesseract/pinhole” throws you for a loop with a traditional drumbeat that almost gives the song an actual—dare I say it—structure! “Octopre/ribbon” is just the beautiful contrast between a bass and guitar with a few sound effects added in for atmosphere. Finally, the six-minute-long closer, “pentagle/inside,” just builds up this slow sense of anxiety with its soft but chaotic sound. 

Make sure to follow Whin on Twitter to find out what they’re up to next! 

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