Bandcamp of the Day: Wilson Getchell

Wilson Getchell is an alt-rock singer-songwriter from Raleigh, NC and frontman for the band Thirsty Curses. He recently released a new solo EP called This to That which is currently streaming on his Bandcamp.

The EP starts out with a brief dog bark before embarking on the piano ballad “Brand New Nintendo” which finds a way to be far more poignant and emotional than its title suggests. “This Might Just Take Some Time” is a more guitar-based track with a really fun and funky beat. Then “Trauma Queen” seems to combine the styles of the previous songs by creating a jaunty, spirited piano-based tune. “Filthy Straight Nights” pulls out the acoustic guitar for a surprisingly lively folk song. Finally “Are You Still There?” is another gorgeous piano ballad to end the EP the same way it began.

Follow Getchell on Twitter for future updates.

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