Bandcamp of the Day: Wolfhead59

Wolfhead59 are an antifascist digital hardcore duo from London, U.K.

They recently put out a new album on Sanctus Propaganda Records called At War With You. It’s a digital-only release that’s available now on the label’s Bandcamp page with all the proceeds going towards Domestic Violence UK CIC to benefit victims of domestic violence. The title track opens the record practically mid-scream as what continues comes to sound like a more hardcore version of Le Tigre. There’s an electronic beat there, but the spirit of what you’re listening to is clearly all punk rock.

You really have to hand to them with song titles like “A Fascist Pig in the Skin of Wolf,” but they back that song title up by producing something that sounds like a cross between Perfect Pussy and Atari Teenage Riot. “Too Techno for Punk/Too Punk for Techno” is another great title and one that perfectly describes where this band stand musically, both in its title and in the actual mix of punk and techno in the song.

Another great song title comes in their closing track “W.O.M.A.N. (War On Misogyny And Neosexism)” and, musically, it once again starts to sound like a more hardcore Le Tigre with the pulsing drumbeats and the harsh distorted screaming, but with an overall sense of chaos and impending doom. This is a phenomenal listen for punk fans and techno fans alike, assuming you don’t turn your nose up at combining the two.

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