It can be pretty hard to describe what Yves Tumor is up to at times. Yves’s sound doesn’t condense well into formal genre designations and it can be next to impossible to capture the full breadth of the artist’s aesthetic choices on a single song in less than a paragraph. However, there has always been a slight post-punk tilt to the former noise artists’ sound, and it is this tendency that informs the bulk of Yves’s most recent EP The Asymptotical World.

The single cover for opener “Jackie” showed Yves, guitar in hand, seemingly in the midst of a knee-buckling performance, channeling both the spirits of Prince and The Edge into a single human vessel. And the music itself certainly won’t disabuse someone of this assessment, as The Asymptotical World begins with the big romantic vibes and desaturated funk of this stormy dream-wrangling, groove seance and spectral whip, and then rolls into the finely textured and love-smitten revolutions of “Crushed Velvet,” a track which will pull you along on a swift current of neon rapids until it spits you out into the pliable clutches of a velour-lined slough.

It’s not all bedroom eyes and romantic embellishments though, the industrial spike of “Secrecy Is Incredibly Important To The Both of Them” gives the affair some much needed icy, punk edge, and “…And Loyalty Is A Nuisance Child” takes a gothic slice of guitar chords and runs it through a box filled with nightmares until it comes out twisted enough to suit Yves’s liking. Probably the most striking track though is the collaboration with the industrial duo NAKED, a partnership that sounds like a cut from Fever to Tell, stretched and stitched together, Buffalo Bill style, into a skinsuit in order to cover a gore belching monstrosity that urns to looks and sound like Visions era Grimes.

Even when Yves serves up a pallet cleansing EP of more straightforward martial, the artist can’t help but put a mercurial twist on it. The Asymptotical World stands as an incredibly accessible and listenable experience that manages to have enough untamable elements to preserve its mystery and encourage further investment and investigation.

You can buy and stream The Asymptotical World EP below via Bandcamp:

You can get The Asymptotical World EP in a variety of formats Warp Records.


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