Austin based post-rock outfit Zealand The North release their debut album ‘Brightness Of An Endless Light’. Devoted to bringing powerful substance to their sound, the instrumental band have been building a strong fanbase within their world. Released June 19th, the album glides through realms of music that can soothe the soul while head-banging it’s way through a mosh pit. 

‘Brightness Of An Endless Light’ highlights an experimental side to the post-rocker with a subtle nudge into the universe of progressive rock too. While channeling the importance of instrumental music, the album has the strength to leave anyone wanting more. Embracing it’s originality and even transporting listeners into galaxies of math-rock goodness, the ethereal release marks a band progressing further afield. 

Courageous and holding your gaze throughout, the debut album transcends listeners to, what feels like, hope and safety during this difficult time.

Zealand The North deserve to be heard and played from rooftops around the world. 


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