Our Bandcamp of the day features atmospheric black metal act Zuriaake who recently signed to Season of Mist. As part of the signing, the band will be releasing their new album at a later date alongside part of their back catalogue.

The band comments:

We are very pleased to announce that we have sealed a brand-new record deal with one of most famous metal labels: Season of Mist. It is an honor for us to join the ranks of this label who have released a lot of great records in the long metal music history, and Season of  Mist will definitely support us in bringing our music to a wider audience.

Hailing from Jinan city, Shandong Province, Zuriaake are one of the earliest extreme metal bands in China. After signing to Black Happiness Production, the first black metal record label in China, the band released a demo subseries with Yngizarm, Blood Fire’s personal black metal project.

In this subseries, Zuriaake began to explore Chinese black metal in both form and ideology. In 2006, Zuriaake signed to Pest Productions and started to write their debut Afterimage of Autumn, released in 2007. 

In May 2017, Zuriaake were invited by Finland’s Steelfest Open Air, the largest black metal music festival in northern Europe where the band played its European debut show. The three-piece became the first Chinese metal band to perform in northern Europe. Meanwhile, the first overseas tour across Europe also achieved great success.

Check out more at their Bandcamp. 


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