Bands to NOT MISS in 2023…New paths on well worn classics: Bria

Bria is a collaboration, comprised of Bria Salmena and Duncan Hay Jennings, both members of Orville Peck’s touring band. Cuntry Covers, Vol. 2, out Feb 24th on Sub Pop Records, is the follow up to, you guessed it Cuntry Covers, Vol. 1, and explores the boundaries of country classics while placing the listener in a modern hypnotic haze.

“For Cuntry Covers, we always have a shared playlist of songs we want to try out, and for Vol. 2 that playlist seemed long and never-ending” says Salmena. “We tried out multiple songs and found these six to be the most memorable interpretations. We found ourselves expanding our range of how we wanted to approach each track, which also compelled us to pick songs to cover we may have once overlooked.”

The covers breathe fresh air into classics with contemporary flourishes that give them a new life of their own.

Originally published in New Noise Magazine Print Issue 65 2023.

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