Bask recently went on tour in Europe in support of their most recent release Ramble Beyond (listen below), and they gave us a glimpse into what they were up to. Check it out below.

We got our baby kicking again.

Our badass tour driver, Mike, in the middle with the Bask boys en route to London.

The streets of Desertfest London.

The cliffs of Dover, England.

Found on the streets of London.

Jesse, post Desertfest London set.

On our day off Saturday, Jesse (bass) and Ray (guitar) needed to get new EU power converters for their pedal boards. We headed to Cologne to the Music Store, which earned its namesake- it was one of the best stores any of us have ever been to; five stories overall.

We spent the night in the beautiful countryside of Hessen, Germany with new friend Timo, of Golden Antenna Records.

Sunday was Desertfest Berlin and it was an amazing experience, to say the least. We arrived at the venue, Badehaus, and were able to catch Closet Disco Queen, our fellow This Charming Man label mates, consisting of two former members of The Ocean. They sounded great. We played next and the crowd was really responsive. Germany has been awesome to us with their support and this show was a perfect example of that.

After playing, we were able to catch sets from Ecstatic Vision, Downfall of Gaia, and got backstage to see John Garcia (above).

We made new friends,had quite a few beers into the wee hours of the morning, and things got a bit weird, naturally.

Today was more than worth the cost of our plane tickets.

Monday we headed to Hamburg and played with Pinkish Black and Alaric. Our good buddy, Ansgar, of My Proud Mountain, showed up and we were able to catch up with him. We had become friends with him the first time we toured Europe in November of 2015.

Pedal team werk in Hamburg.

​Tuesday we made it to Schlachthof in Wiesbaden, Germany, where we had played before in the fall of 2015 opening up for High On Fire.

The lineup consisted of us and This Charming Man Records label-mates, Clowns, a punk band from Australia. The energy of their live show was infectious, reminiscent of bands like Fucked Up and Refused.

Wednesday was the tour’s last show at Barake, in Munster, Germany. It was a diverse lineup and we got to hang and catch up with Chris Weinrich, owner of This Charming Man Records. This show had more of a DIY feel and the crowd was great. It felt like we really hit our groove in the set during this show. Now, to catch just a few hours of sleep and head back to the states tomorrow.

“Mush! Carry Me Home” live at Barake

One week was a blur, but as always, we had a blast. Until next time, Europe!

Upcoming Shows:
May 17 – Columbia, SC at New Brookland Tavern
May 18 – Savannah, GA at The Jinx
May 19 – Charlotte, NC at Snug Harbor
May 20 – Asheville, NC at The Mothlight

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