Berwanger Announces New Full Length ‘Exorcism Rock’

Berwanger (feat. Josh Berwanger of The Anniversary) has announced the new full length Exorcism Rock. The record will be out November 4th. via Doghouse Records. The announcement comes with a brand new music video, “I Want You Bad,” a single off of the upcoming LP. The song is a saucy, energetic track full of higher ranged vocals, with gritty guitars posing as the foundation. It’s a bit garage rock, spicing it up with anthemic vocals to go along with the punk fueled energy.

Josh Berwanger had this to say about Exorcism Rock, “I poured so much into Exorcism Rock, at times I thought it was going to kill me. I waited so long for it to come out because I wanted it to be done the right way.” A lot of the songs for Exorcism Rock are a bit older, which found Berwanger searching for the same energy to be brought out while recording them. From what “I Want You Bad” reveals, he seems to have accomplished that job.

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Producer Doug Boehm made Exorcism Rock a particularly fantastic sonic experience, but he attributes it all to the band. “When I first heard the songs, I knew they were good. That has to be the case, or what’s the point in moving forward?” says Boehm. “They got poked, twisted, touched in all the inappropriate places, and delivered something special.”

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