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We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Berwanger’s new music video for his song “Horror Show” (watch it below). The entire video was made by Josh Berwanger on his Super Nintendo using the game Mario Paint.

The song is taken from his forthcoming album The Star Invaders, which is scheduled to be released on Halloween. You can pre-order the album here.

Josh Berwanger commented on the album:

“I was going through a horrible breakup and was extremely depressed. I was on a family vacation in North Carolina at the ocean and one night a UFO appeared. The UFO sat above me and I begged for it to take me. It then began to multiply, and as my heart beat at a extreme rate I’ve never felt before, the UFOs disappeared into nothing. I felt rejected by everything and began to write this new album.”

The Star Invaders features members of Broncho, Limbeck, Flaming Lips, Sam Cohen, and Eva Gardner (Mars Volta, Pink, Tegan and Sara). This is a first for Josh as it is his third album, the first time he has ever been a part of three albums in a band – The Anniversary (Designing A Nervous Breakdown, Your Majesty) The Only Children (Change of Living, Keeper of Youth).

TOP 10 HORROR MOVIES – By Josh Berwanger

I have a hard time making a “Best of” list on anything, so I made a list of the Top 10 horror movies I love that came to my mind first. Here we go.

HIGHWAY TO HELL (1991) – Would you go to hell to rescue your fiancé? Shit, I’d go to hell to get off this planet, so sure, sign me up! This is a visually fun movie with great special effects and even a cameo by Lita Ford, plus an early performance from Ben Stiller.

KILLER WORKOUT (1987) – When I was in High School, instead of going out my friends and I made horror movies on the weekends. One of the movies we made was called “The Aerobics Instructor.” It was about three guys who hired a private aerobics instructor to help them get into shape. During the first lesson, they make fun of the aerobics instructor, aka Bruce “Hard-Buns” Johnson. Bruce can’t deal with someone/anyone making fun of him and goes on a murder rampage, getting revenge on the three kids who did so. What a plot! Years later I saw this movie “Killer Workout,” and it is not too far off from the plot of the masterpiece my friends and I made.

THE LURE (2017) – One of my favorite newer movies. This one just about has it all, it’s funny, beautiful, wild, and is even part musical. If you’re into killer siren-mermaid sisters…well, need I say more?

SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE (2000) – A movie about the making of the 1922 classic “Nosferatu” and the odd things that happened while making it. Willem Dafoe gives an amazing performance as the vampyre Max Schreck (and John Malkovich is great as always).

THE FIRST POWER (1990) – Lou Diamond Phillips is a detective trying to stop a serial killer who just might have powers from the devil. This is the only movie on my laptop, so when I’m on tour I watch this almost every day. (Side note: download new movie to laptop.)

TURBO KID (2015) – Another newer film. “Mad Max” meets a Troma film with a clever nod to the 1980/’90s.

THE SLAYER (1982) – Some people say this influenced Wes Craven’s horror masterpiece “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” “The Slayer” is a movie that explores what is real and what is a dream. Are the two couples on vacation being stalked, hallucinating, or has one of them gone mad?

LIFEFORCE (1985) – In short: space vampires suck the life(force) out of humans, accompanied by an incredible score from Henry Mancini. RIP Tobe Hooper.

HOUSE (1985) – One of the best haunted house movies around…oh, and I’m talking about the one with William Katt. But you can’t go wrong with the 1977 movie of the same name directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi. Also, our friends at Waxwork Records just released the soundtrack to both “House” and “House 2,” check it out!

MONSTER SQUAD (1987) – I was going to get beat up if I didn’t have this one on the list. I saw this in the theater as a kid and recently, Jim Suptic, my fiancé and I saw the 30th anniversary tour with cast members in attendance for a Q&A after the screening. Sean, Rudy, and the hero of the movie, Phoebe, were there and they were extremely nice and excited to talk about the film. It still holds up and is still as fun as ever! Are you a Goonie or part of the Monster Squad? (It’s ok to be both.)

Check out the exclusive offers available through Berwanger’s PledgeMusic, including “A horror compilation DVD put together by Josh with some of his favorite horror scenes with commentary by Josh. This DVD disc is compatible with NTSC players. You’ll also receive the brand new album ‘The Star Invaders’ on vinyl.”

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