Big Bill has released a music video for their song “Baby Go Wah” (watch it below). The video follows the life of a beautiful woman from the mid-60s, and the limitations imposed by her marriage and newborn baby. She fantasizes about a number of enthralling yet gruesome alternate realities, including smashing food in the face of her porcelain child. The band’s lush surf-tinged punk songwriting is the perfect soundtrack for this surrealist horror-comedy.

“‘Baby Go Wah’ is unusual for Big Bill in that it’s a softer and gentler song than most of our other songs. Also Cody sings lead on it, though every other song on the album Eric sings lead. The video was shot in Los Angeles and was directed by our friend Shannon Wiedemeyer. It’s got a bright colorful quality and a kind-of weirdness, and a baby rolling down a hill forever, but then when the piano kicks in and the song builds into a coda, the video is also a little sad and dark. It’s a really cool video for the song and we dig it a lot.”

Big Bill is a punk band made up of brothers Eric and Cody Braden, Alan Lauer, and Alex Riegelman. Influenced by the deadpan irreverence of The Monks and Talking Heads, Big Bill is known for their darkly comic, nervy take on punk rock, fully embracing the “all are welcome” vibe of punk circa the early 1980’s, as embodied by Austin legends like Big Boys and The Dicks.

Big Bill formed in 2011, though the seed for the band was planted years earlier, when the Braden brothers spent countless untrained hours piecing together music in high school. Even as the band’s ambition grows, that Outsider Art element to their music lives on.

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Top photo by Pooneh Ghana

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