Big Heet, the Tallahassee quartet led by former Ex-Breathers guitarist/vocalist David Settle, are sharing their new single “Failure at Work.” Taken from the band’s upcoming full-length debut, On A Wire, due out October 20th via the Exploding In Sound Records Tape Club, the track offers a different look into the explosive post-punk explored throughout the album.

Big Heet’s David Settle added:

“I know so many people of my generation whose lives have been stagnated by student debt and mindless jobs with no growth and an economy wrecked by previous generations. I found myself completely depressed at a dead-end job that I only stayed at because it financially supported personal dreams that led nowhere in the end. Often I wonder if I would’ve been better off preparing for a more successful and only slightly less shitty career with way less personal gratification. What kind of choice is that?”

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photo credit: James Oliveros

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