Big Mother Gig have premiered a new music video for their song “Just Fly By.” The video is a recreation of the classic Replacements video for “Bastards of Young” with a modern twist. Focusing on music coming from a laptop rather than a record player. “Just Fly By” is the focus single from Big Mother Gig‘s new Almost Primed EP, their first release in 20 years.

Milwaukee-based indie rock pioneers, Big Mother Gig, released the Almost Primed EP, their first new music in 20 years. With one foot rooted in their origins on the LoFi, indie rock scene that exploded out of the midwest in the 90s and the other in the contemporary post-punk rock revival, Big Mother Gig has exhibited none of the rust you would have expected from a band that hasn’t written together in two decades. Instead, Almost Primed is a cohesive, addictive sonic assault complete with fuzzed out guitars and driving percussion. At its core, the band stripped away any sort of musical additives and put together a collection of six tracks that use the classic drums/bass/vocals combination. The result is an emotive, hard rock collection that will stay lodged in your head for at least the next few weeks. You can stream the record on Spotify now and download it from Amazon, iTunes and most of your other favorite download services.

Popular music is cyclical. A never-ending ebb-and-flow of different genres rising to the mainstream before taking a turn at being “yesterday’s news” for a decade or two. In the mid 1990’s indie rock was king. There were different bastions of local, insular rock communities just waiting for the major label system to come pluck their most promising stars out and deliver them to a stardom. One of the most influential of these scenes was the melodic-alt movement that was centered around the midwestern United States. These small town, punk-influenced rock scenes would eventually birth bands like The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring and Cap’n Jazz. These bands would in turn be credited with sparking the “emo” music that would dominate rock radio waves for the next ten years. Big Mother Gig was around for the start of this all, and were a pen-stroke away from transcending to the next level before the band decided to part ways and explore other opportunities. As the cycle seems to have come full circle since Big Mother Gig’s heyday, and bands like Beach Slang and American Football are garnering a huge buzz, BMG may have picked the right time to make their return.

The band will also be making a highly anticipated return to the stage with a hometown reunion show at the Turner Ballroom in Milwaukee on Saturday March 18th.


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