Interview with former vocalist Adam Douglas | By Natalee Coloman

[Editor’s Note: On Nov. 21, 2017, vocalist Adam Douglas parted ways with Brisbane, Australia’s Awaken I Am, posting to the band’s Facebook page:

It is with a heavy heart I announce that I have decided to step down from Awaken I Am. Several circumstances over the last few months have put me in a negative mindset [and] a rough place mentally. At this point, I think it’s necessary for me to take the time to focus on my health and be with family rather than be out on the road touring. Please continue to support the boys. –Adam”

The rest of the band followed up Douglas’ words by stating that they still plan to tour the U.S. in 2018 and fans should “stay tuned for the future.”

The interview below was conducted just before the vocalist announced his departure, but in the interest of honoring Douglas’ wishes and supporting these boys from the Golden Coast, we have chosen to present it to you anyway.

We at New Noise wish Douglas and Awaken I Am all the best moving forward!]

When it comes to love, many of the emotions and experiences are universal, regardless of a person’s ethnicity, nationality, or gender. This is most likely why the Australian pop rock band Awaken I Am speak to fans across the globe, from the United States to Japan. The group released their new full-length album, Blind Love, via Victory Records back in September. The record is full of raw emotions about struggling relationships and fighting to keep the love intact.

“It shows that people do fault, but you have to stick through it and get through the hard part. Love is blind,” vocalist Adam Douglas says.

The new year brings many exciting things for Awaken I Am, such as their first full North American tour supporting I Set My Friends On Fire for their 10 Years Of Slaughter Tour, celebrating the 10th anniversary of their record, You Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter. The band visited the U.S. to record Blind Love and have staged various performances within the States, but 10 Years Of Slaughter—which runs from Feb. 15 to March 18—will be the first time the group will perform coast to coast.

“I think we are overall stoked we get to travel the country and play music,” Douglas shares. “It’s been a dream for a long time, and it’s gonna be good to get over there. We can’t wait to get over to the States and start playing all the new songs.”

Shortly after, the band plan to touch down in Japan to see some of their fans on the other side of the world, along with fitting in some writing between tours. “Japan is always fun and we always get a good response from our Japanese fans,” Douglas adds. “Last tour in Japan, we had a fan come to a show with chocolate wrapped with our album cover and tour posters. They went through so much trouble to do that, and we’ve really appreciated it. It’s unbelievable.” The band are also slated for a weeklong Australian stint in May.

Kat Corbett—a DJ for Los Angeles’ KROQ who is known for playing up-and-coming bands during her “Kat’s Box” radio hour—recently played Awaken I Am’s single, “Black Dreams.” The band’s first album, 2015’s Shields & Crowns, not only played extensively on Australian radio, but also reached number three on the iTunes Metal Chart and number 34 on the Australian Recording Industry Association [ARIA] Charts.

Awaken I Am also did a TV interview with Bert McCracken from The Used and played alongside UNDERØATH and Saosin—two bands Douglas says he’s long looked up to—at So What?! Music Festival in Dallas.

“Just creating music with my mates has been awesome,” Douglas states. “We need to be happy with what we are creating. We are all about keeping true to our souls and creating stuff we enjoy, and hopefully, that comes across and people like it. At the end of the day, if we aren’t enjoying it, we can’t expect other people to.”

Purchase Blind Love here

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