On April 9, Bog Of The Infidel played at Dusk, home of extreme metal, in their hometown of Providence, R.I. A near floor-level stage put the band directly in front of the audience. With red velvet drapes and wrought iron candelabras, the dark atmosphere complemented the shivering black metal The Bog produce. Reflecting on that show, the band note the familial feel that the unassuming club below the highway emits. “It was an excellent show,” they say. “Dusk was packed, great response. It’s always great to play with bands you like and have a camaraderie with; we’ve been very lucky in that regard.”

That camaraderie is palpable in the fertile and fervent New England metal scene. The members of Bog Of The Infidel—who go by troo cvlt monikers, such as vocalist Satanist, guitarists Architeuthis and Bloodfuck, bassist Baelphegore, and drummer Wraitheon—have nourished the support and reciprocated by representing Providence with awe-demanding, filthy, cold black metal. The nine tracks on their most recent full-length, Asleep in the Arms of Suicide—out April 8 via Eternal Death—encourage fans with severe ferocity. The dual guitar attack on “Congregation of Judas” blows through the speakers before ushering in the distant barks of Satanist’s vocals. The band reflect a thankful attitude toward their scene. “New England is full of great metal bands. Even just in Providence, the scene is so much stronger than it used to be,” they relate. “There are plenty of bands in town right now with actual proper releases. It seems like the music is getting more attention outside the local scene.”

The Bog are a main impetus for that sway in attention. With their calm folk instrumentals—such as “Ex Oblivione,” “Condolences,” and “A Welcome Release”—they paint imagery of New England. These placid breaks inevitably lead into the feral resonance of their caustic brand of black metal. The haunting sounds on either ends of the spectrum seem intrinsic to the sound of a New England band. They explain, “New England’s history of the supernatural and occult, folklore, varied landscapes, woods, and mountains and haunted city streets all inspire the lyrics.”

Asleep in the Arms of Suicide has been reeling in the compliments and attention. “We’ve had tremendous support from friends in the scene and people at shows,” Bog Of The Infidel say. “Eternal Death has done a great job promoting it. We’ve received plenty of positive reviews.”  The strength of the band’s songwriting is founded in the involvement of all members. “Everyone contributes to the writing of our music,” the band relay. “We all have our parts. Someone will come up with something, and we all chime in and add to it. Then, Satanist writes the lyrics and puts them in place. What starts as a riff ends as an eight minute song covered in everyone’s fingerprints.”

Since forming in 2008, Bog Of The Infidel have released a demo, the To Corrupt Your Sons and Lust After Your Daughters EP, and a full-length entitled Proud Descendants of Satan, but Asleep… feels more focused and solid than these previous efforts. “A full-length lends the space for a more complete statement,” the band explain. “We are proud to have it under our belts.” This full realization of their ideas took the band about a year. “The recording was done on a minimal budget, as have been all of our recordings to date,” they say. “It was recorded at Thee Mausonic Temple in Olneyville, R.I. Unlike our last EP, which was recorded at Opal Sound Studios in New Hampshire, we were able to be in studio for the entire process. Going into recording, we have everything ready. We spend a great deal of time writing, working on, and rehearsing our music. Even with these preparations, you never know how long it will take. Blastphlegmaus was extremely patient and a more than capable engineer.” 

Songs like “Coils of the Noose” and “A Welcome Release,” as well as the album’s title reveal its suicidal themes. That content reverberates throughout Asleep in the Arms of Suicide. The distant metallic atmosphere produced by the slicing guitars and droning drums reeks of isolation. Then, there are tracks that target religion, such as “Congregation of Judas” or “Eden.” Bog Of The Infidel indulge, “The lyrics and music deal with a lifelong depression and growing weariness of life, a complete ending of Self. The despair of waking each day and being forced into the tedium of an ultimately meaningless existence. The songs and the lyrics speak for themselves. Everything wanted to be said to the listener is conveyed within. Lyrics are printed in both the cassette and CD for that purpose and should be read by the listener. They leave little to the imagination. They were written under the darkness of self-loathing, self-destruction, and emotional, spiritual, and mental despair. Religious imagery is used to convey these feelings of darkness, general uncertainty, and true helplessness. The lack of purpose; the disgusting history, world, and systems we as a species have created.”

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