Interview with editor/author Emily Kitchin

Punk rock and zines go together like—well, punk rock and zines. The two are inseparable. So, it was only a matter of time before some creative punk fans decided to devote a fanzine to their favorite record label. “The idea for the fanzine had been floating around my head for a while before I decided to act on it,” says Emily Kitchin, a member of SideOneDummy Records’ street team and founder of the zine, “Not A Cult, A Community.” She explains, “SideOne’s philosophy of ‘community’ is something that started becoming more and more apparent to me. As I began to realize how genuinely loved and supported their artists were, I noticed that they gave that same loyalty and respect back to fans, which is what makes S1D really stand out from other labels.”

The zine is a collaboration between fans of the label and is crammed with essays, drawings, pictures, tweets, and more, all highlighting how SideOneDummy and their bands have affected the lives of many in a meaningful way. “They are doing more than preaching about creating a community, they are actually making it happen,” Kitchin says, “and I knew a fanzine would be a great outlet for fans to express their gratitude for this.”

Kitchin began the project by messaging people she’d befriended from the community, asking if they wanted to contribute. From there, it simply grew. “I asked for those people to share the idea with anyone else they thought might be interested, and [I] also shared it with the ongoing AJJ group chat filled with tons of people from everywhere,” Kitchin says. “Basically, I just told everyone to contribute anything they wanted that related to the label. Whether it was a funny tweet, a picture, a story about a show, their feelings, a drawing, anything. I wanted as many people to be a part of it as possible in whatever way.”

Readers can find “Not A Cult, A Community” online at On the site, fans can view a PDF version of the zine or scroll through the menu to read individual stories and view certain pieces of art. “I didn’t want to charge anything for them, but also, I’m a broke, freshly-graduated 21-year-old and can’t afford to print large amounts,” Kitchin explains, “but anyone can feel free to view it online and print their own.”

So, is this just a one-off project? “I definitely want to create more issues,” Kitchin says. “I think that it would be really cool to have some other people contribute who might’ve just found this zine and have thoughts, feelings, or art they want to share. Because the whole basis of this zine is the element of ‘community,’ I want everyone to get a chance to let their voice be heard or let their art be seen, and I definitely feel like there is still so much to be shared.”

If you are interested in contributing, email Kitchin at or DM her on Twitter, @deathnap4cutie.

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