Every city with a great music scene has a great venue associated with it … New York had CBGBs; Los Angeles has The Whisky; San Diego has The Casbah; and Long Beach has had Alex’s Bar for the last 21 years! Happy 21st anniversary to Alex’s Bar.

The last year has been difficult for Alex’s Bar and music venues all over the world. How can a music venue continue to survive during a pandemic that does not allow people to gather and go to rock shows? To make ends meet, Alex’s Bar has morphed into a drive-through liquor store, a merch store, a host for livestreaming events, and an outdoor bar with food service.

John Mairs, a local Southern California photographer and creator of the online zine 13 Stiches, wanted to do more to help Alex’s Bar. He contacted several local area photographers asking them to contribute some photos to create a photobook to benefit Alex’s. The result is incredible.

This book is Alex’s Bar to the core. It’s sweaty, raucous, loud, and exciting. My ears are ringing after looking through it. Included are 11 photographers, 42 pages, over 70 photos (all taken at Alex’s Bar) and over 300 copies sold so far.

Inside you’ll find great photos of The Damned, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Adolescents, and tons more. Plus, some great photos honoring our fallen friends Mike “Gabby” Gaborno and Steve Soto.

One-hundred percent of the proceeds of this book go to Alex’s Bar.
One-hundred percent of this book is amazing.
One-hundred percent of you should go buy this book.

Buy a copy of Alex’s Bar here.

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