In his follow-up book to 2013’s This Music Leaves Stains: The Complete Story of The Misfits, James Greene Jr. takes us far beyond the borders of simply New Jersey this time around. Brave Punk World propels its readers on a meticulous, in-depth journey of the history of various different punk scenes across the entire globe. Some countries and facts are obviously more interesting than others, while others can be a bit more difficult to get into (often a result of language barriers).

By the time readers reach the end, they walk away feeling more enlightened than when they began (who knew there was actually yet another band to use the name Nirvana, hailing from Finland in the early ‘80s post the British group of the same name, yet before the Seattle band the world would eventually come to know?).

Overall, Brave Punk World is a well thought-out trip worth taking for those with a broad appetite for music knowledge. However, those without a single punk bone in their bodies are not likely to find much of interest here.

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