Green Day Rising: Before the Dookie Flew
By Michael Sharon and Tim Kenneally
(First Division Press)

There have been bookshelves filled with bios about Green Day, one of the most successful punk bands to come out of the U.S. Thankfully, Green Day Rising is not just another retread on the band and High Times magazine, the bible of weed lovers since the 1970s, played a significant role in this book becoming a reality.

On the cusp of the Northern California band taking over the world with their wildly successful album, Dookie, Michael Sharon and Tim Kenneally convinced the editors of High Times to let them do an interview on the band, complete with plenty of photos. The article, included in this book, was great, the photos…. well, they didn’t exactly live up to High Times standards (let that one sink in for a moment) and the Green Day article barely missed making the cover, being beat out by a new strain of weed. The duo took those photos, more than 50, the text of the article and fleshed this book out with their own personally recollections of the band at the time of the interview and have turned in a pretty impressive look at Green Day before many knew who they were.

Yes, the book is short, less than 50 pages, and some of the pics are out of focus, but for anyone raised on DIY bands and zines, the Green Day Rising is an endearing look at a group that lead millions across the globe to discover punk rock for the first time.

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