News: Boston’s Motionyear Debuts Immersive ‘Disarray’ video

Boston pop-punk/alternative rock project Motionyear have unveiled debut single “Disarray” along with a new music video.

“Disarray” is Motionyear’s first release, with frontman Alex Kouvaris leading former band Quiet Like A Thief on 2021’s Through The Looking Glass.

Massachusetts pop punk project Motionyear curate tracks that color in the transitional periods of our lives. With a captivating blend of throwback and modern vibes, Motionyear collides the old with the new to create something timeless. Explosive songwriting, catchy vocals, and a raw edge are all abundant on the new song.

Motionyear’s beginnings trace back New York based Quiet Like a Thief, whose debut EP Through The Looking Glass picked up support globally, including this spotlight with New Noise.

Now represented solely by frontman Alex Kouvaris, Motionyear’s debut single “Disarray” was produced by Pete Adams. With more new music in the works, the track displays the immersive and hook-laden style of decisive pop punk that the new creation will be bringing to the floor.

Keep up to date with Motionyear here.

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