Breakin’ Even Fest 2 Announced Featuring Restorations, Worriers, The Sidekicks & More

Breakin’ Even Fest has announced their second annual festival, which will be held in May versus last year’s fest that was held in March. The fest organizers commented on the move:

“We’ve moved the event from March to May this year – that way we’re not gambling with weather. This also allowed us to bring in more touring acts that we’re really excited about pairing with the local lineup. The biggest change to note is we’re all ages in 2017. This is something we’ve worked hard to guarantee – we don’t want to prevent people from experiencing the DC’s arts and music culture and are proud to be part of DC’s all ages tradition.”

Event organizers also added:

“Last year was incredible, we had over 200 people through the door and we think this year we’ll see even more. This year’s lineup is a little more diverse in sound, we’ve got several melodic punk bands and a few acts who are a bit more indie rock, but embody the DIY ethos.” – Steve

“We only put ourselves through the hard work of planning a fest because we are fans of the bands we book. I could not be more excited for the lineup we’ve put together this year, and am looking forward to putting on an awesome event for the bands and their fans.” – Bryan

$15 per night
$30 2-night pass
If available: Walkup will be $18 / $35


Friday, May 5th
The Sidekicks
Pkew Pkew Pkew
Dot Dash
Dead End Lane

Saturday, May 6th
Honah Lee
Boardroom Heroes
American Television
Teen Death
More AM Than FM

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