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Brick By Brick exemplifies a working class band. Dredged from the hardcore scene of Troy, NY, Brick By Brick’s records were comprised of hardcore spirit and sharp metallic chops. The band showed progression, culminating to a sinister fusion of metal and hardcore on their third album, 2010’s, Severed Ties. That record was self-released. After losing their vocalist of over a decade, the planets aligned. Another hard working, DIY metallic hardcore monster, Full Blown Chaos were slowing down. While not defunct, insists vocalist, Ray Mazzola, he and his vocal chords were sitting idle. Having been friends for years, the two entities got together.

The band was not sitting idle. After over a decade of playing together, Valente, Green and Muller were charging forward to follow up Severed Ties. Mazolla reports that Brick By Brick had “a bunch of music written.” However, Mazolla’s addition changed into a new dynamic for the band.

“When I came in, they scratched everything and rerecorded. We added bits and pieces together, updated the sound and tone.”

Then, Mazzola added his lyrics and vocals. This certainly gives their latest, This World, My Enemy, a distinct, new drive and purpose.

“I’m a little older, a little wiser. I’m more salty. I was angry before. But, nowadays, there’s a lot more to be angry and vent about. Maybe, I’m a curmudgeon. It’s the same piss and vinegar but with more angst.”

The revitalized tandem hit the road immediately. The whirlwind hit stages with Madball and Biohazard. Playing with a focused fury across North America and at fests like Rock and Shock, the band gave all. Sometimes they would get on an odd genre bill or be handed a set early in the day. Mazolla and the crew did not lose focus.

“That’s part of the job. But, we set the bar. I want everyone on their A game. I am going to give every drop of energy I have. I’m going to make sure the band going on after us is like, ‘awwww, fuck.’”

The four men in Brick By Brick all work other jobs. They put that working class mentality into the band. Promoting this album is driven by perpetual motion.

“We’re trying to do word of mouth. We have a decent following. My coming into the band has sparked a whole new vibe. I hope it’s a snowball effect, rolling and rolling.”

Mazzola states they had record release shows, dates with Agnostic Front, dates with Wisdom in Chains, and a New York Stigmata record release show. They hope to get to Florida and the West Coast for some sun during the East Coast’s winter. Getting overseas is still in the works.

Mazolla adds, “Hopefully, we play summer fests and a spring tour in Europe. We have to see what is within our means. We aren’t kids anymore. We can’t just get up and go. We are trying to play it smart.”

This World, My Enemy was mixed by Billy Graziadei of Biohazard. His touches, along, with the vicious riffs give a thicker, punishing delivery. This is Brick By Brick enhanced, strengthened. The band, dude to line-up issues, have been considered more a local North East band. With a vigorous Mazolla and a tight, brutal album on Eulogy, the band should be propelled into the spotlight they deserve.

Eulogy is the perfect home for this rejuvenated Brick By Brick. This World, My Enemy will fit in the deep catalog of Furious Styles, Hoods, Shattered Realm, Walls of Jericho, Homicidal and Until the End. These songs will be flooring old fans and new kids ready to swing fists in the pit. Capturing the struggling class rage again is an album cover by NYHC artist, Craig Holloway, depicting a suited man’s corpse as a victim of justice. Holloway adds to his list of flyers and covers for Brick By Brick’s Severed Ties and bands such as Agnostic Front, Skarhead, and Wisdom in Chains.

The World, My Enemy is enriched by sincere tales of enmity and struggle. Mazolla’s lean and honed delivery of spiteful, harsh lyrics reflects what people singing along have to go home and face.

“(This country is mostly) basic blue collar people. Nothing is handed to us. We have to bust our ass for everything. And for what? What is left to show for it? Each day is a beating. We have to find a way to make it through and give life a purpose. Music is one of them. It’s cathartic. This is my therapy.”

Pick up This World, My Enemy here.


Tim Anderl is an American journalist from Dayton, Ohio, whose work has been published in Alternative Press, Strength Skateboarding Magazine, and Substream Music Press. He was previously the web editor of and is currently the editor of, a host of Sound Check Chat Podcast, and a contributing writer for New Noise Magazine, Ghettoblaster Magazine and Dayton City Paper.

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