We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Catlow’s music video for their song “My Sun” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s latest album Main of Nowhere, which is available now through File Under: Music.

The band commented on the song

‘My Sun’ is really about someone being the sun that follows you around. If you’re feeling cloudy, moving around in life, from town to town but there’s that one special person who can always make things brighter when they are there for you. It’s about not giving up on love and if you really want it, you just have to go for, heart on your sleeve and not look back. You can sometimes, I know I have, get in your own way of love but there could be someone out there that will not let you give up. It’s like a train, it’s like the tide, it runs fast, slows down, goes through all kinds of weather, ebbs, and flows but real love you just have to persevere through all the storms.

About the band:

Vancouver Alt-Rock phenomenon, Catlow, led by Natasha Thirsk and long-time guitarist-collaborator Jay Slye, have a way of entrancing your senses and immersing you into their world. The band returns with a bundle of seasoned musicians on their fourth studio album, Main of Nowhere – released through File Under: Music in Spring 2018. With influences ranging from Phoenix and Liz Phair, to Blonde Redhead and Daft Punk, Catlow creates a sound that is everything in between and yet, nothing you’ve heard before.

Catlow creates a world where hauntingly luscious vocals layer over spacey guitar hooks mixed with bursting synth beats peppered through heartbeat powered basslines as tender violins envelop the listener in utter musical bliss, evoking a sound complementary of New Order, Pixies and the Smiths with a dash of pop-kissed Blondie and Goldfrapp, leaving critics describing their music as “Explosions in the Sky with vocals” – Vancouver Music Review. On their new album Main of Nowhere, Catlow stays true to their Indie alt-rock roots and whimsically enchanting melodies in tracks like “Scrapes,” while also exploring a new era of Catlow in twangy alt-country music, reminiscent of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, with songs like “My Sun.”

Catlow boasts numerous accomplishments with several international tours under their belt, including their 2014 international Sonicbids contest win, where they played an enormous crowd at Tuscany’s Arezzo Wave Festival. With hit tracks that appeared in international TV such as Being Human and The L Word, and international radio in Canada and the UK, reaching the Top 50 of the Canadian Earshot! Charts, fans recognize that Catlow easily transcends the boundaries between music and art, making them a force to be reckoned with as they blaze their own path in music across the globe.

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