Chokehold hasn’t released an LP since ’95, some 24 years ago. They existed before the use of social media and high-speed internet to self-promote, before the ability to make a universally public political stand with just the simple click of a button.

Luckily, the rawness of their time that helped shape their music hasn’t been lost over the advancements of digital content; With This Thread I Hold On sounds just as pissed and full of turmoil as before. Though the use of audio clips (last heard during Content with Dying) didn’t make a comeback (and they could’ve done wonders for shaping out this record), these eight tracks resemble an uprising.

However, there’s something to be said for evolving your sound. The formula here is one we’ve heard a hundred times for many years, and as such, it just doesn’t hold its own as well as we may like. There’s little to separate one track from the next, which makes playing this record in its whole a bit of a task; the songs tend to blend together after a while, dulling the message.

It’s better to hear a song mixed with other bands than to run this one from start to finish. That being said, punk isn’t a genre that generally expands upon itself. And if you’re OK with that, then With This Thread I Hold On will probably do more for you than it will for someone hoping to find more sound diversity.

Chokehold sound angry and propelled to speak; that undeniable energy is here and worth experiencing, no question. But without a little more risk-taking, this trio may also have some trouble standing out from the masses. With This Thread I Hold On is solid enough to say “hey, we’re still around,” but not revolutionary enough to mark an exceptional comeback.

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