Civic Minded Five is the latest band to have its music digitally re-released through’s “Vegas Archive” series. Included with the stream and free download of the band’s complete discography is a collection of rare flyers and photos, along with a brand new interview with the band members.

“It’s funny. The CM5 are an unavoidable accident. There’s a lot of screaming, like someone’s in a lot of pain, which, in my book, makes for a very enjoyable record.” – Razorcake Magazine

Civic Minded Five, whose members went on to form a number of bands including The Mapes and The Pluralses, was active in Las Vegas from 1996 to 2003. Their last show as a full band was in 2002, but they will be reuniting this Tuesday, July 19, at The Dive in Las Vegas to open for Recess Records labelmates Toys That Kill. Details for that show, which also features Illicitor and Fredward, can be found on the Facebook event page.

“Vegas Archive” is a series on that takes rare and/or out of print albums from the bands of Vegas’ rich, musical past and puts them out as free digital downloads so the songs can continue to inspire new bands. Previous bands in the series include Tomorrows Gone, Lydia Vance and Boba Fett Youth.

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