We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of The Coke Dares’ music video for their song “The Coke Dares Theme Six” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming album Fake Lake, which is scheduled to be released on April 20, 2018 through Third Uncle Records. You can pre-order the album here.

A limited edition test pressing with custom art and a cassette of the demos will be available on release date – Fake Leg: The Fake Lake Demos available on Third Uncle Records and on their tour.

The “The Coke Dares Theme Six” video is an homage of sorts to the early 90s VHS home video Metallica Drummer!, which received pre-internet cult fame in underground VHS trading circles (read about it here).

About the band:

Formed during Bloomington, IN’s early-oughts heyday, in recent years, The Coke Dares have morphed into a long distance project for guitarist Jason Groth and bassist Pete Schreiner (Raleigh, NC) and drummer Mark Rice (Philadelphia).

From the beginning, The Coke Dares was a power trio of such unrivaled energy and charisma that Jason Molina tapped its members to form his Magnolia Electric Co. While The Coke Dares expertly handled Molina’s gorgeous and soulful rock songs, their own music has always had more in common with tightly-wound punks like Minutemen and Wire, quirky pop eggheads like Sparks, a low brow humor reminiscent of AM country and Frank Zappa, and the unpredictable metric shifts of prog rock. On record, this mixtape-style patchwork of influences blends together seamlessly into a rollicking, rapid- re stream of consciousness that’s a perfect companion to the band’s famously intense live shows while calling to mind classic marathon albums like Pink Flag and Alien Lanes.

Recording for Fake Lake dates back to 2014, when the band assembled in Raleigh to record the album live (as was their tradition). Three days and 35 songs later, they had the basic tracks down, but they knew they would have to nish the album later. So, in 2015, they returned to Raleigh, this time bringing their own digital interfaces and computers to set up a three-recording-studio affair. Each member would spend hours in his domain during the day, overdubbing his musical contributions. At night they would sit together and play their creations for one another. What emerged was the most fully- formed, over-produced, song-focused project they had ever made.

With so many musical touchstones, and three songwriter/vocalists, a typical record by The Coke Dares can be a lot to digest. And at 35 songs in 44 minutes, Fake Lake could be the band’s most sprawling, diverse, and rewarding. After a brief instrumental palate cleanser, Fake Lake opens in earnest with “You Say a Lot,” an irresistibly sarcastic piece of Devo mutant pop that quickly transitions to an extremely short ode to pencils (“Editor”) that’s equal parts dream pop and faux-country ballad. From there, the album tumbles from one mood to another, featuring obtusely wistful travelogues and road memoirs (“We Went to a Restaurant,” “Jammin’ with J-Mo”), radio airplay-defying bathroom talk (“Please Say Fuck,” “Came to Shit”), and literally dozens of other future-classic earworms.

The Coke Dares live in different places and they still love to play live. Fake Lake is both a live and lived-in record, one that takes a few chances The Coke Dares didn’t have time to take when they were too busy playing live all the time.

Tour Dates:
4/26 – Philadelphia, PA – Space 1026
4/27 – Columbus, OH – Dirty Dungarees Laundromat and Bar
4/28 – Indianapolis, IN, Luna Music in-store (1pm)
4/28 – Indianapolis, IN, The Melody Inn, Punk Rock Night
4/29 – TBA
4/30 – Bloomington, IN, Landlocked Records in-store (6pm)
4/30 – Bloomington, IN, The Bishop (8pm)
5/01 – Knoxville, TN, Pilot Light
5/02 – Raleigh, NC, Neptunes

Connect with the band:
Official Website | Facebook | Bandcamp

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