Sister Faith
(Temporary Residence Ltd)

Louisville, Kentucky’s Coliseum is a band I’ve had my eye on since first hearing their Goddamage EP in 2005. One reason I have been a fan of theirs through the years, is because of their ever-evolving style of punk rock. With their last album, 2010’s House with a Curse, they seemed to take on a noise-rock vibe that reminded me of UNSANE. On their new album Sister Faith, however, they’ve taken on a much sharper, less noisy sound, thus making their songs even darker and catchier than ever before.

When I first listened to the album, I was a little surprised that the huge bassy feel on House with a Curse wasn’t as prominent. It’s not completely gone, but it’s significantly decreased, although it does show up brilliantly in tracks like “Under the Blood of the Moon” and the equally awesome “Used Blood”. Because of Ryan Patterson’s razor sharp riffing, Coliseum is able to unleash snarling punk anthems like “Bad Will”, but they are also able to paint a dark, emotional atmosphere on songs like “Love Under Will”. Though Patterson’s punk rock roots create fantastic, driving music, Sister Faith really gives you your money’s worth with its catchy choruses and melodies. Upon hearing songs like “Sister Faith” and the infectious “Late Night Trains”, they’ve stay lodged in my brain for days with choruses and melodies that are almost impossible to not sing along to, even when I’m not listening to the album.

I have always expected good things from Coliseum, but I was floored at just how good Sister Faith really is. When listening, you can tell it’s a punk album, but due to its lyrics and slick production, as well as Ryan Patterson’s incredibly talented songwriting ability, you can tell there is much more going on below the surface. Every summer, I pick an album that’s loud and fast and fun to drive to, and I make that album my designated summer album; for 2013, I can pretty much guarantee that Sister Faith will be my go-to album of the summer. (Brandon Ringo)

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