10 Things You Didn’t Know About Trash Boat

So you thought you knew Trash Boat pretty well, did you? Well here are some things you probably didn’t know (super hardcore fans excluded).

St Albans punk band Trash Boat have announced that they will release their debut album Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through on June 17th via Hopeless Records. The album was produced by The Wonder Years’ frontman Dan “Soupy” Campbell earlier this year, and it follows the band’s 2015 Brainwork EP.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Trash Boat

1. On all of our YouTube videos, we get the same comment and the answer is yes. Yes, we did get our name from Regular Show!

2. The recording and writing process for the new album was really fun and having Dan Campbell involved was awesome. This was actually the first time we have ever done pre-production before heading into the studio and after looking at some places to do it we decided to do it at our local venue ‘The Pioneer’, a venue where we actually played some of our first shows. It’s super big and was super cold in January but well worth it.

3. We also recorded both our music videos in the same place (“Strangers” and “How Selfish I Seem”). One in the venue and one in the attached skate park, if you’re ever in St. Albans and fancy a skate, check it out!

4. Trash Boat may have only started in 2014 but prior to that, we’ve had many many terrible bands between the lot of us, spanning from punk to rock and even some easycore. You do not want to hear those songs, trust me. I think you can actually find our EP for our last band for £999 on Bandcamp if you look hard enough.

5. Every tour without fail, James our bassist will always scare us in the middle of the night, either by screaming in his sleep or trying to grab hold of the steering wheel and attempt crash the van. Needless to say, he is no longer allowed in the front seats.

6. Me [Oakley] and our bassist James actually used to work at a kids petting zoo driving families around on a tractor with a 50 person trailer on the back. I will never understand why they trusted us doing that but it was the easiest job going.

7. James [bassist] and Ryan [guitarist] are actually official stepbrothers. Although they don’t share bunk beds or call each other Dragon and Nighthawk.

8. Before settling on Trash Boat we had several potential band names including Bonfires, Boneless, Bronson and Boomer (no idea why so many B’s, just a coincidence I guess!) We kinda liked Boneless still so we made it a song name.

9. I [Tobi] didn’t know the rest of the band members at all until they found a video of me singing a Major League cover (incorrectly) and asked me to come and jam with them.

10. If we’re not on the road touring or in the studio, we’re most like either playing golf or playing PGA Tour on the PS4. Free time well spent!

Pick up Trash Boat’s Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through here:
Physical | iTunes

Trash Boat have announced a UK tour in support of the album’s release for June 2016, with WSTR and Weatherstate providing support. Trash Boat drummer, Oakley Moffatt, adds this about the album and the tour – “We worked hard to try new things on this record and make sure we didn’t hold ourselves back in any way – we honestly can’t wait to play all of these songs live on our headline run in June with WSTR and Weatherstate”. A full list of upcoming tour dates can be found below.

Trash Boat UK Tour Dates:
June 22 Southampton – Joiners
June 23 Bristol – Louisiana
June 24 Nottingham – Bodega
June 25 Glasgow – The Attic @ Garage
June 27 Newcastle – Think Tank
June 28 Leeds – Key Club
June 29 Birmingham – Asylum 2
June 30 London – Camden Barfly


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