Album Premiere & Track By Track: Red Mass – ‘Kilrush Drive’

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the extremely massive Kilrush Drive from Red Mass. To go along with the stream, found below, Roy Vucino from the band has written an extensive and in depth look of each track on the record. The release of the album is on Friday, March, 23rd viaNo Coast Recordings/Label Etiquette.

“God’s House”

We try to bring in some new sounds, but this is definitely our ode to Killing Joke and how the band The Sound mixed electronics and real drums flawlessly. Deals with the absurdity of having to pay for salvation or redemption.


 Recorded by Alexandre Larin. Hannah wrote this one about crooked cops. Not too harsh on all cops, but there is definitely something wrong in the force’s general mindset and inability to recognize its abusive and racist tendencies. Maybe it’s a lack of psychological training, but that said, one way to change the system is like a parasite from the inside, so hopefully we’ll see more empathy and social awareness with the younger generation of officers.

“Show Me the Money”

 People should indulge, have fun and all, but even if you enjoy drugs—drinking included—you kind of have to acknowledge their hold on you sometimes. I blew a lot of brain tissue, cash, sanity and fucked up my health on that shit. I’m a sci-fi nerd, so I was pretty happy with myself about dropping a line about the TV show “The Strain.” We’re obsessed with Flying Nun Records and tried to write a song in that style.

“Zoo Face”

We are definitely closer to animals than we’d like to believe. Sentience in animals is still something many scientists and philosophers argue in favor of. Also, sometimes in order to evolve, we must destroy or deconstruct what was previously established in a drastic manner.

Pre-Order Kilrush Drive here

“Dark Days”

We added some strings at the end to give it a feel like the Nirvana unplugged album. This apocalyptic or neo-folk track about despair and feeling of helpless was also heavily inspired by Current 93. I’m generally a positive person, but like many, I’ve had suicidal thoughts. This is about not being able to see the light anymore.

“Fight or Flight”

I used a cut-up technique with Hannah’s lyrics about creepy dudes and pushy house guests. It also deals with terrible neighbors. Before moving, our piece-of-shit neighbor was having parties where people would pay to watch his crackhead tenant in gangbangs. Total “Requiem for a Dream” scenario. It took us a while before realizing what was going on and confronting him. We got in a huge war before moving out. Dude was a fucking monster.


This is an older song that we chose to rerecord with electronic and hip hop samples. I have become self-conscious with my singing and honestly can’t stand most of my earlier recordings. Feel free to chuck all our older releases in the garbage—or that’s just wasteful, go sell them to secondhand stores. I love metal, but the song is not about [Terrorizer] Magazine; it’s about corporate, institutional, and political bullying.

“Something Horrible”

My attempt to blend a trap-influenced beat and post-punk. We wanna record stuff that sounds like The Birthday Party over trap music, bring that shit into this new era. The lyrics are about how we’ve become desensitized and sometimes even entertained by other people’s misery. Many of us talk about changing the world but just end up watching the spectacle. Check out Guy Debord’s work of philosophy “The Society of the Spectacle.”

“Riots in Paradise”

Hannah wrote the lyrics on this one, and we got to record in New York at BC Studio with the man himself, Martin Bisi. He recorded seminal records in the ’80s and ’90s that I grew up on, like Sonic Youth’s Evol, and worked with many of the N.Y. avant-garde jazz greats. He is the nicest dude and a total powerhouse. He did his magic with the mix on this one. It’s my fav on the album and a moment I’ll cherish.

“Us vs Them”

Most of the album was recorded by Mingo L’indien from one of our fav Montréal bands, Les Georges Leningrad, and mixed by Seb Perry. We were going for something à la Coil. I think Coil is one of the most influential underground groups of our generation; their brutality mixed with delicate sonic textures paved the way for bands like Nine Inch Nails. More lyrics about corporate greed and this power-hungry mentality we’ve grown to accept as the norm. Fuck that; love is the true power.


 Older track we rearranged and rerecorded with Jace Lasek—of Besnard Lakes—and Dave Smith at Breakglass Studios. It’s our most poppy track. I was trying to write something trippy that felt like it was straight out of “Alice in Wonderland” or a [Haruki] Murakami book.


Tour Dates:
Mar 22 Montreal, QC @ Église Saint-Édouard (Record release show w/ Fet.Nat & Absolutely Free)
Mar 30 Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds (NY record release show)
Apr 12 Milwaukee, WI @ Milwaukee Psychedelic Fest (w/ Acid Mothers Temple, Psychic Ills and many more)
Apr 13 Madison, WI @ Crystal Corner Bar (w/ The Hussy)
Apr 27 Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds
May 10 Toronto, ON @ The Monarch Tavern (CMW Festival)
May 11 Ottawa, ON @ The Dominion Tavern / Boom Creek
May 25 Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds (Improvisational set w/ local noise musicians)
June 29 Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds (TA DA performance w/ projections & guest performance artists)

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