Andy Wood Names His Top 5 Fusion Artists

Andy Wood combines a fusion of metal, rock, jazz, and bluegrass influences on his new solo album Caught Between the Truth and a Lie, and spends a good amount of his time as Scott Stapp’s solo guitarist. He took the time to fill us in on his favorite fusion artists.

Andy Wood’s Top 5 Fusion Artists

1. Jimmy Herring

I love his southern roots, his faux slide work and big round tone! He’s a guy I look up to a lot because of his heavy southern rock influence, even in his more jazzy concepts.

2. Al Di Meola

An acoustic master who’s sense of time feel is jaw dropping! A major influence, and an alternate picking Jedi master!

3. Steve Morse

The reason I’m calling him fusion is because he was a pioneer in “fuzing” together country, jazz and metal all into in his own sound with the Dixie dregs!

4. Bela Fleck

Just because his voice is banjo doesn’t exclude him from one of the greatest musicians who has ever lived. Love how he broke boundaries of previous conceived limits of his instrument.

5. Jean-Luc Ponty

Violin extraordinaire, ponty makes my list on the song “new country” alone! Not to mention his outrageous contributions to mahivishnu orchestra and other fusion projects!

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