Bandcamp of the Day: Night Hag

Formed in 2010, Virginia trio Night Hag are on their way to being a band for 12 years. 

Since the release of 2018’s Insemination Rites of the Succubus, the band have molded their brand of grotesque death metal to stale perfection. This is showcased in the band’s 2020 split, Phantasmal Scourge.

The split embodies dreary tones carried out with fetid and must. Growls surge through each track while carrying out an undeniable heaviness on each song. Night Hag highlight their own flair on Phantasmal Scourge, including a cover of “Ghost House” by Mortician, and Necrophagia’s classic “Embalmed Yet I Breathe.” Rancid death metal. 

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