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Altin Gün is a Turkish by way of Amsterdam psychedelic rock group, known best for transforming Anatolian rock and folk from the ’60s and ’70s with a futuristic facelift by adding elements of new-wave, future-funk, light rock, and post-disco. Their name translates to “Golden Day” in English, a moniker that they more than earn through incredibly bright, clean production and resplendent, reflective guitar tones. They’re also incredibly catchy.

Âlem is the band’s fourth LP (and second of 2021) and sees the band combining their now-famous Turkish rhythms with sharp and thin electro-funk and house music. This change of direction follows the exit of founding member and guitarist Ben Rider. While you can speculate as to the reasons why Ben decided to leave the group, the effects are dramatic and clear.

Âlem have a less pensive quality to it than their previous album Yol with a renewed emphasis on movement and a frictionless outpouring of sound. Instead of sounding like a Turkish disco band with a hard rock edge, Altin Gün now sounds like a warm summer day at the beach or in an open-air market where an Eastern-inspired interpolation of early ’90s Pince and Madonna hits plays softly from a nearby boom box. It’s highly atmospheric and spellbinding.

The album starts out with the more traditional number “Yali Yali” which claps and slinks around your headspace like a subliminal suggestion, rolling like a disco ball to a folky beat. “Kısasa Kısas” slows things way down for a shadowing, sweat-beaded seduction in the utility room of a dance club, while the silhouettes of giant fans turn slowly in the half-lit and surprisingly smokey and sexually charged industrial environ. “Badi Sabah Olmadan” picks up the pace slightly to add a spike intrigue, while the dancing synths of “Cips Kola Kilit” keep things light, crisp, and enticing.

As a bonus, every sale of Âlem will apparently preserve two square meters of wildlife habitat through an organization called EarthToday. You can learn more here.

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