Bandcamp of the Day: AMMO

Punk band AMMO are set to release the 12-inch vinyl of their newest record, Web of Lies / Death Won’t Even Satisfy, on February 11 via Wallride Records.

AMMO put forth a smoldering atmosphere throughout their new record. The band’s aggression following a hardcore direction.

Tracks such as “Black Site” come barreling in while pulling focus to the band’s talent in honing in on controlled screams. Vocals paired alongside a fast-paced environment make for hyper-active listening.

Other tracks such as “Answer to a Lower Power” diversify the record, demonstrating a more melodic side the the band.

AMMO hone in on their ability to make fast-transitioning music; “Life Crime” acts like a filler adding progression as the record reaches its close.

The closing track reveals depth within the band, putting emphasis on deeper drums and raw ascending melodies.

AMMO emanates a classic punk sound while infusing it with their own love of hardcore, making their record uniquely their own.

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