Bandcamp of the Day: Anti

Anti is the latest project from Argentinian frontwoman Delf Morello.  Don’t know what she’s all about? Well if you fuck around, you just might find out. The project evolved from songs that she had written about her personal struggles with depression at the start of the pandemic, but eventually grew to accommodate more political subject matter as she adjusted to the near permeate restrictions that COVID imposed.

Delf had fronted the youth crew styled hardcore band HEF for half a decade before packing up her boots and letterman jacket and relocating to London where she practiced with a death metal band for a couple of months. She returned to her hometown just in time for the pandemic to foreclose on what was left of her so-called life at that point. A fact that caused her existence to curve into a tailspin for quite a few months, which is when she started writing her debut, Brutal. A six-song collection of punishing, metallic hardcore and death metal with a characteristically oppositional, crust punk-like attitude towards authority, one that wavers between the cavalier and the outright hostile.

If you need something to devastate your ears and raise your adrenaline levels to the point where you could take on a squad of cops single-handed, your solution is only a click and around ten minutes of headbanging away.

Buy and stream Anti’s Brutal via Bandcamp below:

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