Bandcamp of the Day: ANTIKS

ANTIKS are a hardcore band coming off their release of their newest track, “The Reckoning.” The debut single focuses on the disability rights movement that took place during the ’70s.

The band is set on making music and the music community accessible, inclusive, and radical.

While the song carries an important message, it is delivered as a hyper-active melody with bashing drums, highlighting bass, and intensifying vocals.

Based out of Hamilton, Ontario, ANTIKS are ready  to emphasize and promote marginalized voices, learn, educate, and unite to create a better present and future.

ANTIKS’ album cover features a slightly transparent black circle with an Antiks logo in the center of it in the middle of the album cover. The logo is made up of broken walker parts that shape each letter. Black and white walker wheels are at the endpoints of each letter. Spanning out from around that circle are six thin gray outlines of walker wheel spokes, kind of like a star. These elements are on top of the background, which consists of a collage of metal walking frames, broken walker parts (poles), and walker wheels. Background is primarily the color red with hints of black and purple.

More about ANTIKS:

“The outrage of disabled individuals across this country is going to continue, it is going to be ignited…” Is a sample from a speech made at the sit-ins by disabled activist Judy Heumann, which sets the potent tone of this track from the start. The lyrics are thought-provoking, educational. The track is inspired by Crip Camp. A documentary about the disability rights movement during the ’70s in the US, specifically the 504 sit-ins where disabled people took over a federal building for their rights to be written into law. As this was the band’s first time learning about this topic, they wanted to create a song to spread awareness of this monumental moment in disability rights history. While this event was a huge move forward for disability rights, 44 years later, there’s still so much work to be done.

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