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Finnish black metal band Archgoat have been spreading the dark gospel of the North for over 30 years. With a sound that could have escaped through the gates of hell itself, they have once again descended from the kingdom of the damned to burn the flesh from your sorry bones with a fresh blast of blasphemous hate on their latest LP Worship The Eternal Darkness.

You can almost smell the burning of angel’s wings and iron aroma that fills the air as the clouds around the pearly gates become saturated with blood when you enter into the first full incantation of this sonic spellbook, an armageddon baiting, brimstone banger titled “Heavens Ablaze.”  After laying waste to paradise, the album births the writhing battering ram and cathedral wall crashing “Black Womb Gnosis,” followed by the prosecutorial pagan pilgrimage “All Christianity Ends” which is half prayer, and half letter of intent to wipe out the enemies of the left-hand path.

Archgoat aren’t playing the most downright dirty and primitive style of black metal, but what they are doing is the spirit of the genre’s second-wave—only with more steel in its resolve and force in its cleated thrust. There is actually quite a bit of muscle on these wicked old bones, as “In Extremis Nazarene” and “Rats Pray God” take pains to demonstrate with their marshal stride and ax-grinding grooves—either of which is more than capable of splitting your head like a block of wood at a lumbersite—your skull becoming a matching set of bowls and your brains dried, crushed, and used as chalk to help the band better grip the cauldron black tools of sado-sonic .

You should pray that you sound this good after breathing pure sulfur and exhaling sinister adage for three decades. There is a reason why they have the word GOAT in their name.

Buy and stream Worship The Eternal Darkness below via Bandcamp:

Worship the Eternal Darkness is out via Debemur Morti Productions. 

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