Bandcamp of the Day: ASK

ASK are a hardcore band based in southeast Michigan.

The band’s music is an infusion of organization and chaos making for an ear catching contrast. ASK have recently released their EP, DEATH AROUND THE CORNER, a record comprised of musical progression.

The EP introduces itself with “THE FUTURE’S NOT SET, THERE’S NO FATE BUT WHAT WE MAKE FOR OURSELVES.” The track is a quick instrumental debut honing in on the use of an acoustic guitar that fades into static with hyper-energy, foreshadowing the frenzy of callous-yet-strong music that ensues in title track, “DEATH AROUND THE CORNER.”

Each track on the EP is short and straight to the point, with cutting-edge tunes strung alongside a storytelling atmosphere.

“FRACTURED” feels as if its and continuation of the last track, while also featuring new elements such as clarity in vocals that are minced together.

DEATH AROUND THE CORNER ends on “HIGH HORSE / CONJOINED” following the same fast and loud formula as previous tracks. Drums are thrashed on while meticulously placing twisted talking vocals as music collides around them, making for a warped ending to this intensified record.

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