Bandcamp of the Day: Black Mekon

Black Mekon is a alternative band from Birmingham, UK, and are geared up to release their  massive record, We’ve Learned Nothing on March 11, via PNKSLM Recordings.

The record is a double album, broken down into separate parts, Free Range Hassle, with 12 tracks and Free Range Hassle 2 with 13 tracks.

“Ring The Bell” kicks off this 25-track extravaganza, the track showcases windy-sounds and echoing vocals, warming listeners for the  what else record has in store.

Following “Ring The Bell” comes “Mean Drunk,” a fast past, heavily distorted track. 

“Drop The Gate” is found further down the record putting emphasis on deep sounds that mirror the energy of previous tracks that came before it.

The record embodies a care-free, punk-rock kind of angst, keeping up with this theme throughout, making it cohesive and one to listen to.    

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