Bandcamp of the Day: Blood Command

Death-pop band Blood Command have announced their  new album, Praise Armageddonism, due July 1 via Hassle Records.

On the record, fans can find their new recently released single “Nuns, Guns & Cowboys,” a guitar-screeching track accompanied by shouting vocals and catchy melodies that fill out the song as a whole.

The record is now available for preorder. “”Nuns, Guns  & Cowboys” is a song about feeling empowered to believe in what you want,” say the band regarding the track. “ It’s a bit of a ‘fuck you’ to anyone who might ridicule others for believing in something that may help them get out of bed in the morning. It should be no one else’s business, nor should anyone judge someone for something they believe in.”


1.) “Praise Armageddonism (Awake Theme)”
2.) “Saturday City”
3.) “The End Is Her”
4.) “Everything You Love Will Burn”
5.) “A Questionable Taste In Friends”
6.) “A Villain’s Monologue”
7.) “Nuns, Guns & Cowboys”
8.) “I Just Want That Movie Ending”
9.) “Burn The Blasphemer”
10.) “ Last Call For Heaven’s Gate”

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