Bandcamp of the Day: Blood Rhythms

Blood Rhythms are an alternative band who have recently released their album, Mirages Against Concrete, via Personal Archives.

The record features solo and collaborative tracks by Arvo Zylo, featuring contributions from Daniel Burke (Illusion of Safety), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Bloodiest), 156 (Adel Souto), Joan Pope (Temple Ov Saturn), David Oakspawn, Jacob DeRaadt (Sterile Garden), and more.

Mirages Against Concrete manifests effects from industrial noise to ambient/drone. The sound is atmospheric with raw consistencies. Following loop-based themes as it continues along.

Intro track “Living Words” (featuring Joan Pope) features spacious sounds and spoken-word vocals feature an echoing effect creating a cosmic aura.

Other tracks embody diversity such as “Thin Places” (featuring David Oakspawn) exudes an experimental sound emphasizing the use of creativity within their music.

The band use source material from car engines, wolves, amplified breathing, and conmic’ed fan units. Mirages Against Concrete is ever-changing, highlighting a gritty and unforgettable collection of songs.

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