Bandcamp of the Day: Burial Curse

Burial Curse are a death metal band based out of Los Angeles, California.

The band are geared up to  re-released their EP, Burial Curse, via Dawnbreed Records on April 8 on CD and MC format leaving vinyl to follow later in the year.

The record includes lead single “Seeping Bile.” the track flutters in with heavy screaming vocals alongside grotesque melodies scattered throughout.

The tracks on the record demand attention, busting the floor out from underneath listeners’ feet. Songs such as the introduction track “Vomiting Violence” come in scenic while progressing into a vile tone to catch listeners’ ears. 

“Levitating Flesh Construction” closes out the EP, leaving an uneasy feeling for their fans as they create their own war parth.

The EP was originally released by Famine Records on a cassette (100 copies), Dawnbreed are repressing this on Cassette, CD and 12”.

With the original recordings being lost, Alex from Obscured By Evil Productions upgrades the sound resulting in a vigorous sound than the original.


1.) “Vomiting Violence”
2.) “Seeping Bile”
3.) “Apparition”
4.) “White Sulfur”
5.) “Levitating Flesh Construction”

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