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Check this shit out. After a brief, existential dilemma in which producer and Burning Witches label owner Darren Page, aka BurnignTapes, lost his motivation for music, he was rescued by a link sent to him via email by a friend.

The link lead to a video for Black Moth Super Rainbow’s “Windshield Smasher,” a warped piece of lo-fi flotsam which Darren was able to heave himself on to and out of a sea of despair. This experience lead to an invigoration and re-imaging of his sound. No longer would he be simply a Carpenter devotee. Instead, he would embark on a path that diverges from his career as soundtrack artist behind horror films never meant to light up the silver screen (and some that did, see Black Lake). His new calling is to write for and score car chases, shoot-outs, and shady, backroom deals.

Darren’s latest album, Devil x Nine, is a desserty parable of vice and vengeance told through colliding kaleidoscopic, drum ‘n’ bass, hot-funk fuzz, and R ‘n’ B that’s been seared to perfection on the asphalt skillet of a decaying metropolis.

“Everybody Gets Hit In The Mouth Sometime” sounds like  Ill Communication-era Beastie Boys in a rooftop shootout with the gruesomely mutated members of a preposterous evil drug cartel who operate out of a toxic waste dump. “Atom Punk” sounds like a Chemical Brothers demo blasting from a classic muscle car as it rips down a desert highway with the carpet-wrapped body of the former rival of the car’s operator, snuggly stowed in the trunk.

And finally, “Shotgun Shack” sounds like it’s attempting to set the mood with some Zombi-inspired, bass-and-synth grooves for a final showdown between knife-wielding hitmen in a darkened sanctum of a secretive after-hours nightclub.

The atmosphere on Devil x Nine is thick and dangerous and easy to vibe to. Just don’t get too comfortable, or you might be awakened from this funk’d out fantasy by the discovery of a switchblade protruding from your side. 

Buy and stream Devil x Nine below:

Get a copy of Devil x Nine on vinyl from Burning Witch Records.

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