Bandcamp of the Day: Chaosphere

Representing the more down-tuned, filthy-heavy underbelly of the Chicago music scene, today we present Chaosphere as our Bandcamp of the day. Today’s share follows the recent release of the bands debut demo, exhibition.01.

Comprised of four individuals who have been a part of local Chicago acts such as Rooks, Vile Secretion, Bodybag, MH Chaos, and more, Chaosphere formed as a vehicle for self expression to the heaviest degree. Chaosphere’s sound has a groove-forward bounce that is met with dark, pissed off aggression.

Chaosphere has found a way to combine 8-string guitars with a very prominent hardcore and DIY ethos. Thematically, the band digs into personal conflicts, existential, and spiritual ideas to add depth and substance to their primitive chugs. The band holds their local scene very near and dear to them, citing Chicago heroes Weekend Nachos, Oceano, Monsters, Racetraitor, and No Zodiac as big influences. This is a fresh project, so stay tuned for more upcoming material. 

exhibition.01 track listing: 
1. resonance of ache
2. achiral
3. shalashaska

Listen to exhibition.01 here.
Follow Chaosphere here.

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