Bandcamp of the Day: Chopper

Danish shock-rock artist, Chopper has released his debut album, The Wonderful and Wicked World of Chopper.

The record is set for release on February 18. The man behind the project, Jonatan K. Magnussen, is also known for his work in post-punk rock band, The Love Coffin.

The Wonderful and Wicked World of Chopper expresses the dark and mischievous side of punk music. Tracks like “H.E.X.X” emphasize Choppers ability to meet the shaded tones of punk with a hint of uplifting melodies.

Another track on the record, “To Cook To Chew To Swallow,” highlights the use of screeching effects and thematic vocals adding a flair to the record.

Chopper manifests dark while flirting with dance beats. The project divulges in glam rock laced with industrial disco. This carnival from hell creates a homage reminiscent of old school horror flicks and synthetic bubblegum patchwork.

Get the album here. 

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