Bandcamp of the day: Clown Sounds

Punk rock band Clown Sounds have recently released their new record, Born Under A Bad Sigh via Recess Records.

The record features 10 punk-fueled tracks, starting off with “Coloring Outside Those Lines.” The song is fast-paced and short, igniting the energy for the rest of the record.

“Stars’ll Wait” follows up “Coloring Outside Those Lines,” embodying punching vocals alongside swinging melodies, making for an unforgettable track.

As listeners make their way down the record, they will find “Broken Meteor.” Introduced through vocal effects and heavily focused on drum beats, the track follows the same formula as previous tracks.

“Class Fail” comes pounding in with more of a catchy melody, lined with the familiar pace of the tracks that came before it.

The record closes out on “Gotta Find A Way,” lacing the album with the same tremendous energy that Born Under A Bad Sigh had produced throughout the record, putting forth a more memorable hook and demanding attention from listeners.

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